Reiki Therapy in Distance Healing

Savita is naturally loving, caring and a great listener. She has the aura of a true healer! Her non-judgemental feedback and plan to action were both empathetic and encouraging and I couldn’t recommend her enough! My first time Reiki experience was incredible, Savita has the unique ability to connect with bodies and I had never felt such a deep level of relaxation before my session with her. Thank you Savita and I cannot wait for our follow up sessions!


I have had 2 Reiki sessions with Savita , one in person and one distance healing. Savita explained exactly what she was going to do and did. She has amazing healing “powers” . I felt very relaxed whilst having the treatment and actually drifted off. She homed in on my problematic areas even though I hadnt told her of any of my aches or pains was really impressed. I highly recommend Savita. She is the best Reiki Healer in Harrow and around North West London.


Hypnotherapist - Savita Patel
Reiki Therapy

My experience of the Reiki was great. Before going in for the session my anxiety levels were very high, however after the session I felt a lot lighter and calmer. Savita made me feel comfortable and relaxed the entire time and it is definitely something I would do again.


Before my physical Reiki session with Savita, I had only met her online via Zoom for networking sessions. While on Zoom calls she could tell I was in pain though I had never mentioned this to her. Her powers are amazing. At the physical Reiki session, Savita put me at ease, explaining what see was going to do. Music was played and her gentle voice, her healing powers made me relax and as she was applying Reiki, I actually fell asleep. At the end of the session I felt a lot lighter and less tense. She noticed I had pain in my knee and arm, without touching those areas. The amazing treatment has helped me sleep better. I will be visiting Savita again to help me heal completely. I highly recommend Savita to everyone, even people who dont think they have any imbalances, great for stress relief. Savita, thank you so much for recommending me to attend a Reiki session so I could experience the benefits for myself. Really appreciate it.


Reiki Treatments and Counselling - Inner Touch

I went to see Savita, I had been stressed for months and had neck and back problems, hair loss and unable to sleep. I could feel my energy change during the session and I started to feel relaxed within the session, lots being released. Savita makes you feel so safe and welcome that you trust her immediately. I felt so much more relaxed for days after and I know so much was released from me. Thank you Savita.


Having Savita work with me using Reiki I felt comfortable and completely relaxed. She has a way of tuning in on your problem areas and resolving them through her expert skills. Thanks Savita I will be back


Reiki Treatments and Counselling - Inner Touch
Reiki Treatments and Counselling - Inner Touch

Savita is amazing, she picked up on what I needed immediately and after the session I felt like a lot of mind space had been freed up, would highly recommend!


The lady was very welcoming and made me feel at ease! She explained everything thoroughly due to me never having reiki before. She was very positive and I immediately felt good energy from her! This was a beneficial experience and would 100% recommend!


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