Reiki Healing: How It Helps You

by Feb 11, 2021Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient practice that is still highly relevant and useful for today’s people. We find reiki healing impressive and effective because many of us have experienced its benefits.

It would help if you had the support of a trained and efficient reiki master to heal from different health issues. You can start feeling the difference in your condition from the very first reiki session. The progress can be felt prominently after a few sessions.

How Does Reiki Healing Work?

When you visit a general doctor, he treats your specific health condition. It can be your stomach ache, sore throat, migraine or flawed digestive system. He will recognise the symptoms and then start the treatment to reduce the same.

When you visit a reiki expert, he or she will treat you, not your symptoms. In some cases, maybe there is no visible complaint, but somehow, that person feels uncomfortable and restless, which requires recovery.

Reiki treats such people and offers them healing.

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How Can Reiki Help You?

Reiki is a spiritual practise that helps us feel connected to unseen resources and make us feel secure. We feel mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually safe through this practice. Our innermost courses play a vital role in determining our wellbeing.

We feel good because we want to feel the same. Reiki helps us get a strong bond with our inner core and feel that energy inside us. This energy helps in healing from our mental, physical and emotional traumas.

What Can be Treated with Reiki Healing?

It can be certain types of pain in a specific body part, emotional stress, and mental trauma caused by unpleasant experiences. Anxiety, insomnia, depression, arthritis, joint pain, migraine and indigestion, high blood pressure and several other health issues can be treated with the authentic reiki practice.

How Do Reiki Practitioners Offer the Treatment?

They will place their hand slightly above that specific part of your body where you experience the pain or discomfort. Then they will start moving their hands from that place to other areas to find the root of the imbalance. For example, if you have back pain, they will probably place their hands above your spinal cord and move it slowly throughout your shoulder, neck and lower back.

This is a technique to transform energy from their hands to your body. You may feel a sensation on the parts where the issue is severely present. Heat and subtle movement are two common conditions that people often experience during reiki sessions.

Reiki Healing Brings Balance

Pain, trauma or discomfort means an imbalance in your body. It can be mental or physical. Your reiki expert will try to get back the balance of your mind and body through energy healing procedures. Our body is designed to heal itself. However, sometimes it forgets its strength and ability due to various traumas. Reiki helps your body to realise its own power of self-healing.

At InnerTouch, we offer reliable and efficient reiki service in North West London to treat different ailments. We guarantee a safe and trusted process. Please get in touch with us to book your reiki session.

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