Know the Impact of Reiki on Your Immune System

by Dec 9, 2020Reiki Healing

Reiki has several positive effects on your mind and body. It has a significant impact on your immune system, as well. Before discussing on Reiki therapy and immunity, let’s have a look at the immune system itself.

What is Our Immune System and How to Point it out?

We all are sure and aware of the position of our respiratory system, digestive system and nervous system. But, do you know where and how your immune system is located inside your body?

Your immune system does not have any particular spot in your body the way other systems do. It is a matter of synchronised performance of different body parts. However, most of these body parts are located largely in your digestive system. 70% of the total immune cells are positioned in your gut, covering the area from your mouth to your bottom.

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Classification of Immune System

This system can be divided into two parts, innate and adaptive. Your innate immune system is the fast responder with immediate and non-specific responses. For instance, it can attack any foreign substance with this response.

Your adaptive immune system is not as fast as your innate system. It learns about the invader first. Therefore, gradually adapts the most suitable path to attack the same. It prepares itself with complex and specific strategies.

Everything and anything can affect your immune system. From your daily food intake to your psychospiritual state. Everything can have a positive and negative impact on your immunity.

How Reiki Practice Can Help in Improving Your Immunity

  • Reiki practice has multiple impacts on your mind and body. Apart from getting relief from bodily pain and discomfort, it has a great impact on your mental health. Reiki makes you feel stress-free and calm. As a result, it encourages the balanced performance of your immune system. 
  • By reducing your stress level, Reiki practice helps you to stay focused, steady and balanced each day which helps you to keep the immunity strong enough.
  • Regular practice of Reiki makes a huge difference between responding to a challenging situation successfully and making the condition even worse. 
  • Feeling positive and grateful to society and surrounding your life has a great impact on your immunity. On the other hand, anger, annoyance and dissatisfaction can have adverse effects on the same. Reiki sessions will help you to find these positive aspects of your society and surrounding.
  • Reiki sessions have a strong effect on your lifestyle, which has a significant connection with your immunity system. Changes in daily habits affect your immunity. Improved sleep and peaceful life are common responses to Reiki practice. However, all these can boost your immunity.

At InnerTouch, we have Reiki experts who have deep knowledge and experience about this process. We offer our sessions in North West London and Harrow to adults and children as well. Please get in touch with us 07910084411 today.

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