Distance Healing

The pandemic and lockdown have brought stresses to our everyday lives on a scale few of us have experienced before:


  • Separation from loved ones


  • Being compelled to stay indoors much of the time


  • Financial worries


  • Fear of catching Covid-19


  • General fear and uncertainty about what the future will bring


Many of us need healing more than ever — but, of course, it isn’t possible to arrange appointments in person during the lockdown.


So is there any alternative?


Fortunately, there is. I can offer all my services in the form of distance healing. Instead of coming to see me in person, you can link with me on Zoom for your session.

This isn’t an ideal situation, of course, but there are advantages to balance the drawbacks. While my treatment space is carefully designed so you can feel as safe, comfortable, and at ease as possible, a distance healing session can be experienced in the safest, most familiar place you have and without the stress of the journey to and from my premises.


Distance Hypnotherapy


If the popular misconceptions of hypnotism were true, hypnotherapy would be impossible to deliver online. Fortunately, they’re not true. Hypnotherapy doesn’t depend on me putting some kind of mysterious influence on you — in fact, what I’m essentially doing is guiding you to hypnotise yourself.


There’s more to it than that, of course, and ideally I can react to your needs more accurately if we’re face to face. However, an online hypnotherapy session can be extremely effective.


Just like a live Hypnotherapy session, I’ll guide you into a relaxed state and help you address issues in your unconscious mind, replacing harmful habits with a positive mindset.

Distance Reiki



Even in person, Reiki doesn’t involve physical contact, making it an excellent technique to use for distance healing. Reiki involves directing the energies already present in your body, so that you heal yourself. While this is easier for me to do if I’m close to you, it’s absolutely possible to guide you in directing your own energies.


Reiki is a gentle healing technique that reduces stress and promotes relaxation — and that’s something we all need at the moment.


Like live sessions, a distance Reiki session will leave you feeling relaxed, energised and focused. Above all, you’ll feel ready to take your healing journey further.

Distance Counselling




Counselling is a talking therapy, so you might think it’s perfect for distance healing. In a way it is, although being face to face is ideal. This is because the direct contact helps me pick up more clearly on the non-verbal communication, as well as sharpening my intuitive reactions.


Nevertheless, a Counselling session via Zoom can be extremely effective. My skills and the reassurance of being in your own familiar place will combine to help you feel at ease and build the rapport between us.


Just like in-person sessions, Counselling sessions via Zoom will focus on whatever emotional issue you need to address. By the end of the session, you’ll be further along the road towards understanding what’s hold you back and being able to move on.

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