6 Common Myths about Hypnotherapy Counselling

by May 26, 2020Hypnotherapy

A lot of people have various myths and misconceptions about hypnotherapy. This is the result of all those century-old believes that people have been carrying inside them regarding the process of hypnosis. Some of them are true, some are partly correct, and some are entirely wrong. There are myths about hypnotherapy counselling in Harrow.

Hypnotherapy Treatments and Counselling - Inner Touch

To understand the facts behind all these myths, you need to have a clear idea about the process called hypnosis or hypnotherapy which is highly effective in treating various habits, and mental illnesses which have severe effects on your health as well.

Myths and Facts about Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Experts Can Control Your Mind

For most people, hypnosis means mind control. The fact is a person going through hypnosis or hypnotherapy can have full control over his or her mind. That person has taken the decision to participate in this method by choice, and no one can force him or control his mind to do so. A hypnotherapist cannot make a person do anything under the phase of hypnosis which is completely against the core values of that particular individual.

You Will Share All Your Secrets to the Hypnotherapist

There is no chance of getting personal information about your life through hypnotherapy because your mind will remain under your control even during the session. Hence, you will decide what you want to share with the therapist and what you want to keep deep inside your heart. You may learn things about your own self which you may not be aware of earlier. However, no one can be forced to share anything against their will.

Waking Up is Difficult

No, it is not. If it is so, then hypnotherapy would be considered as a banned treatment process. The fact is, different people may need different time to wake up from that hypnosis phase depending on the structure of the brain and nervous system. Some people can get out of it very fast, and some people take a little longer. But no one can be in that phase for the rest of their life. Since hypnosis helps you to be in a calm and relaxed state. Your mind may want to be in that condition for a while. So, it takes time to get back to its normal active state.

Hypnotherapy Treatments and Counselling - Inner Touch

Only People with Mentally Weak People Can Be Hypnotised

Hypnotherapy counselling is a process of treating people and offering them healing from several serious conditions. It includes addiction, panic attack, trauma and other mental ailments as well. Hence, there is no reason to think that it can work only on mentally weak people. Anybody who is going through such issues in life and wishes to get a calm and positive healing process may get benefits of hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

It is required to find a trained, experienced and reliable hypnotherapist to obtain the best benefits of this process. Inner Touch is the place where you can find the same. Savita Patel is a holistic well-being therapist, and she combines hypnotherapy, reiki and counselling to offer to heal to her clients.

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