10 Tips on How to Stop Alcohol Addiction

by Dec 18, 2020Hypnotherapy

All kinds of addictions are wrong, but some can be dangerous. Alcohol addiction is one of them. Giving up alcohol is not easy.  Most people try a lifetime to get control over this addiction and fail. However, it is not that difficult either.

In fact, with the right guidance and strong will power, you can easily cut down your habit of consuming alcohol. It would be best if you had that strong desire to stop or at least cut down the dependence as soon as you realise that it is turning into an addiction.

Fortunately, some therapies and techniques can help you in your effort. You can find a better and more effective way to stop drinking alcohol when you meet the right therapist and follow instructions.

Stop Alcohol Addition with Hypnotherapy Treatments and Counselling - Inner Touch

Try These Ten Simple Tips to Stop Alcohol Addiction 

  1. For heavy drinkers, it can be challenging to cut down the habit suddenly. It can never happen “one fine morning”; you have to be patient. It is better to give up slowly. The slow but steady formula will help you win this race.
  2. Set small goals instead of trying to give it up entirely on a particular day. Try to cut down your total amount of weekly alcohol consumption. Instead of drinking alcohol daily, you can start skipping three days a week.
  3. Read books or watch motivational videos on the internet that tell you about how to stop drinking alcohol. These are really helpful during your initial stages.
  4. Identify the causes of drinking alcohol. Note down the points that you like about drinking alcohol daily. You can assess how important these factors are in your life. Now, compare them with factors like your good health, financial stability, the happiness of your family and social status. You will understand which ones are more important to you.
  5. Make a list of all the things that you do not like about drinking alcohol daily. You can write down the benefits of quitting alcohol also. These lists will help you to get rid of this addiction because you know how good you are feeling without it.
  6. Do exercise and meditation regularly. Exercise will keep your body fit, and you can sleep well at night. Meditation will allow you to find inner peace and strength, which will help you to fight against all kinds of toxic addictions.
  7. Reading books and writing diaries are the two best habits to get rid of addictions. When you keep yourself busy in reading and writing, your mind will feel free from all negative thoughts.
  8. Reward yourself for successfully achieving your small goals of quitting the addiction. For example, you can buy yourself something nice on your payday for completing your first monthly target of cutting down alcohol consumption. This may seem childish but will motivate you a lot.
  9. Keep track of the money you are spending every month on your alcohol addiction. Now, think about what else you can do with that money. For example, you may buy a new gadget for your wife or a nice toy for your child with that money. You can save that money per month and have a nice family vacation once a year.
  10. Always remember that you will experience different types of withdrawal symptoms during this process. Withstanding these symptoms is not easy. It would be best if you had the support of your therapist, family and friends to overcome this battle.

At InnerTouch, we offer therapies to help people get rid of their habits of alcohol consumption. Hypnotherapy is one of our most effective therapies for this. Please get in touch with us today.

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10 Tips on How to Stop Alcohol Addiction

All kinds of addictions are wrong, but some can be dangerous. Alcohol addiction is one of them. Giving up alcohol is not easy.  Most people try a lifetime to get control over this addiction and fail. However, it is not that difficult either. In fact, with the right...

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